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Getting the right part delivered to the right place at the right time is key to maintaining fleet operability. California Airsales Inc. is a committed aviation industry independent supplier of aircraft engine components and inventory management services which help our customers gain a competitive advantage by reducing maintenance cost and improving efficiency.


As an independent supplier of aircraft engines or parts in the world, working with commercial airlines, regional airlines, leasing companies and other financial institutions, independent engine repair facilities, and OEM repair facilities. We provide a full range of parts services, including parts provisioning, just-in-time delivery, repair and exchange, on-site warehouse management, inventory management and logistics programs. In addition, California Airsales Inc. is the premier supplier of commercial aircraft engine parts for all General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce power plants.



  • We maintain a large accessible inventory of engine parts and customised access to an expanding inventory pool and tailored inventory management solutions help eliminate obsolete inventory and minimize warehouse management costs;

  • We have the experience and have been a proven performer in tailoring inventory and supply chain solutions to best fit the customers’ needs, supporting airlines, facilitators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since 1998;

  • We offer can offer our customers customised reporting and inventory tracking options that allow customers to check available inventory, order and track project status at any time from any place;

  • We are ASA-100 compliant and our proven reliability and program performance continually meets or exceeds customer expectations;

  • We have the global reach and financial strength through strategic partnerships to move quickly to capitalize on procurement  opportunities, large or small, whenever and wherever they may become available.

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