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California Airsales Inc. through itself and strategic partnerships offers a vast inventory of new and refurbished airframe parts for most commercial aircraft type. California Airsales Inc. is a committed supplier of value-added parts services, including parts provisioning, just-in-time delivery, repair and exchange management, on-site warehouse management, parts trading, consignment and leaseback programs, inventory management and logistics programs. All designed to reduce costs, increase parts availability and shorten lead times.



  • We maintain a large accessible inventory of airframe parts for most all aircraft types;

  • We offer access to a complete engine and airframe inventory and customised inventory management solutions to help eliminate obsolete inventory and minimize warehouse management costs;

  • We have the experience and have been a proven performer in tailoring inventory and supply chain solutions to best fit the customers’ needs, supporting airlines, facilitators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) since 1998;

  • We offer can offer our customers through our inventory consignment programs customised reporting and inventory tracking options that allow customers to check available inventory, order and track project status at any time from any place;

  • Comprehensive support parts support which allows you to consolidate your vendor base focus, giving you more time to focus on core competencies and streamline operations;

  • We are ASA-100 compliant and our proven reliability and program performance continually meets or exceeds customer expectations;

  • We have the global reach and financial strength through strategic partnerships to move quickly to capitalize on procurement opportunities, large or small, whenever and wherever they may become available.

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